Wodasport ® OUTDOOR ADVENTURE™ Powerbank Power&SUN™ 16000mAh+ solar charger, 2*USB 1.0A 2,4A, GPS, phones, tablets Maximize

Wodasport ® OUTDOOR ADVENTURE™ Powerbank Power&SUN™ 16000mAh+ solar charger, 2*USB 1.0A 2,4A, GPS, phones, tablets

- 16000 mAh / 5V capacity Wodasport ® outdoor wanted smartsports series tuned product
- Extreme charging current of 2.4 A + 1.0A second slot - a necessity for today's smartphones monster battery
- Shockproof waterproof and dustproof Oudoor TPU and PC + ABS housing with special materials
- Monocrystalline solar panel 220 mA silion flush against the damaging fall
- 1x gift outdoor carabiner to hang behind reinforced frame backpack, bike, belt, etc.
- Easy intuitive one for all operation and handling & wanted outdoor cool - in design.
- Built-in standby powerful 4x Power LED Flashlight + SOS alarm mode
- Dual circuit Intelligent control and level Polymer lithium battery
- Excellent for use with GPS, iPhone, iPad, iPod, PDAs, digital cameras, MP3, MP4 and PSP etc.
- Basis equipment for geocaching.
- 6xsecured (protection: over charging, discharging, in overvoltage, reverse polarity, in short-circuit, short-circuit out, out Surge Protection)

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Wodasport ® tuned edition smart WATERPROOF shockproof TPU and PC + ABS surface, outdoor PowerBank 16000mAh when voltage 3,75V (not like the other, when measured capacity at 3 or 3.3V) with a solar charger and dual battery intelligently controlled charging circuit with an auxiliary 220 mA silion solar panel is sufficient to charge about 5-6 smartpohonů. Can charge two devices at once. Using a 2.4 A output with an incredibly fast charging !! Only one in its price range in the market, where the reported values really match !!! To his charge is used as the input usb mini and solar energy, will lead prez charged 2000 mA per day, you can simply hang the frame on a backpack and the like.
Easy and intuitive handling. PRO series outdoor cool - in design.
Excellent for use with GPS, iPhone, iPad, iPod, PDAs, digital cameras, MP3, MP4 and PSP etc. Basis equipment for geocaching.
+ Built-in contingency powerful 4x Power LED Flashlight
+ Transmission mode signal SOS Emergency
+ Super outdoor carabiner for attachment as a gift
- This product provides a superior level A lithium polymer battery and is designed to meet international standards IPC-600.
- Intelligent protection: six kinds of protection to the PCBA, protection overcharge, discharge protection, overvoltage protection, protection of confusion pole input circuit protection, output short circuit protection, output overvoltage protection etc..
- Control Steering smart microprocessor 1 for all control
- Low power consumption in standby,
- Stop automatic shutdown output discharge after reaching full charge
- Intelligent indication.
- It can charge almost all phones / tablets
- Dual USB output - can recharge mobile phones and tablets at once.
- A solar panel can recharge the sun hanging on a bicycle or a backpack or belt - carabiner from us as a gift!
- Charging time USB prez 8-16 hours (the first time the two cycles at least 8 hr) or 70 to 90 hours solar charging
"I personally use the charger to power the MiFi modem (the name for the mobile wifi modem on the road), you know you have another pack of children with the need to stay online to catch the fattest Pokémon in Pokémon GO or for the construction of mines in Resources. Because when connecting multiple individuals MiFi on this device becomes veležroutem power, the 1A output side charger Wodasport exactly for this case, 2.4 a port (2 Qualcomm's standard compatible) is used for fast charging tablets, smartphones, etc. while walking (advantage is that the child is held by you unprecedented in the vicinity.) capacity 16000 mAh is a necessity charge 3-4 phones while walking is no exception.
The charger is attached to the backpack behind the rifle and přidobíjí solar panel. MiFi modem is hidden in a backpack and still attached.
Charger also earned the nickname "lighting" for its special light in case of an emergency or necessary when you drop the walks, which happens rarely does. The charger is for charging micro USB input compatible Qualcomm 3 (charging current up to 3A) and therefore highly recommended brand charger that support this standard - because the speed of charging 16,000 mAh mammoth takes time.
Yes inside are branded battery cells, balancing circuits and fuses, and as I say, it depends on the inside. "

Model No .:
Cell Type:
A level of lithium polymer batteries
5V / 2A & 5V / 220 mA
1USB 5V / 1A
2USB 5V / 2.4A
Charging Time:
Life Cycle:
≥500 times
Working Temperature:
0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃
Storage Temperature:
-5 ℃ ~ 45 ℃
166 * 82 * 20.5 (mm)
356 g
Convert efficiency:

Capacity indication:
All LEDs on 75% ~ 100%
3 LEDs on: 50% ~ 75%
2 LEDs on: 25 ~ 50%
LEDs 1 on: 0% ~ 25%
MID, iPhone, iPad, Mobile Phones
 and other 5V USB Devices
12 months
UV plastic surface,
PC plating on four side,
 TPU and PC + ABS
 * Waterproof is meant oplachotěsné / počasotěsné in a watertight closure inputs !!!
 * Use only high quality charger for charging PowerBank with optimally 2A output, weaker charger, charging will take a long time !!!
16000mAh Solar PowerBank


- This product meets Li-ion UL1642 standard, is designed by international electric al standard IPC-600. 
- Intelligent protection:we design 7 kinds of protection on PCBA, over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, over- voltage protection, input oppose protection, input short-circuit protection, output short-circuit protection, output over-current protection etc.
- Inside micro computer control
- Low static power consumption 
- Large current  for fast charging and discharging, high convert efficiency
- Stop outputting automatically once mobile phones full charge
Intelligent capacity indication, all on one press.
Can charge for almost phones/Tablets with both accessories and original cable
Dual USB output can charge for mobile phone and Tablet at once.
Solar panel can get power from sunshine – Green  Environmental  Powerful.


Model No.:




Cell Type:

Li-Polymer Battery




5V/1A & 5V/220mA


5V/2.4A max

Charging Time:


Cycle Life:

≥500 times

Working Temperature:


Storage Temperature:






Convert efficiency:


Capacity indication:

All LEDs on: 75%~100%

3 LEDs on:  50%~75%

2 LEDs on:  25~50%

1 LEDs on:  0%~25%


MID, iPhone, iPad, Mobile Phones,

and other 5V USB Devices




12 months


UV plastic surface, PC plating on four side


  • color black